i'm no one special just another wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you

i've loved taylor swift since the late 2000s, when i was a child who believed very much that love must be like a fairytale. i wasn't to find 'love' myself until seven years after the fact, but i related to her fully. taylor has been one of the most reliable sources of comfort in my life, and her music, her as a person - it just feels interwined with who i am. sometimes i think taylor swift raised me. i fanatasized about her adopting me sometimes - but now i go to her concerts (i've been to four) and i listen and learn every word and i stick my goddamn neck out for her online because i love her so goddamn much. is it possible to love someone who you've never even met? if it is i love her. no doubt about it

down below is my top ten taylor swift songs, starting from number ten, give it a listen, these songs have made me who i am.